Comfortable in my skin

“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should've behaved better.” – Anne Lamott

When I was younger, I would often be made fun of for having dark skin. I rarely defended myself, and I was never quick to tell my parents what was going on. I never hated myself, nor did I want to be anyone else.  In retrospect, I think I was never truly comfortable with who I was.

It wasn't until I was much older that I finally felt comfortable in my skin, and the older I get, the more comfortable I become.  It's not always easy to find yourself, but it is the best feeling when you do.  I stopped letting people who don't matter and those who mean me no good affect my life so greatly.

I will never tell you that when people say harmful things to me today that it doesn’t affect me or that I always know how to respond. It still hurts, but I don't wallow in it anymore because I have found what It means to be comfortable in my own skin.

Be comfortable with who you are, just the way you are.