Heyyyyyy Lovely, 

Here are some questions that might cross your mind:

1. Do you all provide custom printing for t-shirts?
Unfortunately, we do not.
2. What do I do if an order arrives damaged?
If an order arrives damaged, we’re happy to send a replacement. Please state the order number and send a photo of the damaged item to logan@loganrena.com and we’ll take it from there.
3. Can I cancel an order before it is shipped? How we can help if you've made a mistake with your order?
It is possible to cancel an order before it has been shipped and not face any charges, but cancel as quickly as possible. Get in touch with logan@loganrena.com, as soon as you know you want to cancel. If it's still in the print queue we'll cancel it and refund you, no bother at all.
4. Do you accept returns? What is our Refund policy?
Please see shipping Shipping & Returns.
5. Do you all offer expedited Shipping?
Yes we do. 
6. Do you offer PLUS sizes?
Yay, yes we do! There is an upcharge. For items with 6XL sizing, like the $6 t-shirt – 2XL/3XL is $2 more, 4 XL $4 more and 5XL/6XL is $5 more.

Stay Amazing,